PLEASE NOTE - Updated 07/06/2021: 

We are still awaiting updated guidance from the State for Fall reopening at this time, however the online Facility Use system is open and accepting requests as noted below.

Staff may now request instructional and school usage up through June 2022

Interior facility spaces continue to be available only for internal activities at this time.

Fields only, are now open for Greece community groups. 

Please make sure that our office has an updated certificate of insurance on an Accord form for your organization if you plan to request space. We can not process requests without proof of current insurance on an Accord form.

Insurance forms can be emailed to




Please use this link to request access to the Facility Use system ---> Facility Use Email

The online Facility Scheduler request screens have undergone an update and their look has changed and is best viewed with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

The overall request process is the same, just a new look/order to the screens.  If you have any problems, please call 585-966-2022 for assistance.


When entering facility use requests, please submit separate requests for each individual building to ensure a quicker and more efficient processing.

If you need to cancel or change a request after it has been approved, or is in process, please contact Facility Use. 


 If you need assistance with the online process, would like to request an account, or have any other questions please feel free to contact us through email at , or by calling 585-966-2022.